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From the Memorial, head east on Hanna Avenue for about .2 miles. The Library will be on your left.


Cocoran Branch of the Kings County Library

1001 Chittenden



Kings County LibraryThe Corcoran Library has opened their doors to a new museum exhibition honoring the 100th anniversary of the steadfast institution of Corcoran High School. Take a journey down memory lane with yearbooks, team photos, badges, memorabilia, and much more as we celebrate the enduring legacy of CHS panther academics and athletics. The high school has been a beacon of excellence within our community for decades, so come down and enrich the future by honoring the past.

The Corcoran Library Branch was opened in February of 1913. It was originally located in the Storzbach building on Whitley Avenue. The branch was then moved to the old school building in the City Park, which was next to the Veteran’s building, then known as the Legion Hall. After that building was condemned, the branch was moved back to Whitley Avenue and was housed in the Neeb building until that building was razed. It was not until 1959, 46 years later, that a permanent home became a reality for the library upon completion of the county building. (Extracted from an article in the Corcoran Journal, November 15, 1962). The library is now located at 1001 Chittenden Ave.

kings County Library




Veterans Memorial



Corcoran Police Dept


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1. Chamber of Commerce, 1040 Whitley

Get your passport and start the tour here.


2. Dr. King’s office, 1046 Whitley

From the Chamber, head west on Whitley (toward Chase Avenue) for approximately 125 ft. Dr. King’s office will be on the right.


3. Mural - The Shuttle, 1110 Whitley

From Dr. King’s office, head West on Whitley (toward Chase Avenue) for approximately 253 ft. The mural is located on the exterior wall of Napa Auto Parts.


4. R and M Drugs, 1115 Whitley

From the Shuttle Mural, use the crosswalk located just east of Napa Parts to get to the other side of Whitley Ave. Head West on Whitley (toward Norboe Ave) for about 20 ft. R and M Drugs will be on your left.


5. The Pizza Factory,  1117 Whitley

From R and M Drugs, turn left as you exit and the Pizza Factory is the next building.


6. Fabrie Jewelers, 1123 Whitley

From the Pizza Factory, turn left walking west, you’ll pass (or stop and shop) two shops (Secret Salon and Blissful Moments) for approximately 51 ft. Fabrie Jewelers will be on your left.


7. United Health, 1209 Whitley

From Fabrie, head west on Whitley Avenue (toward Norboe Ave) for approximately 245 ft. United Health will be on your left.


8. Cal Econ Realty, 1321 Whitley

From United Health, head west on Whitley Avenue (toward Van Dorsten Avenue) for approximately .1 mile.


9. Pacific Ag Insurance, 1320 Whitley

From Cal-Econ Realty, use the crosswalk and cross Whitley Avenue for about 25 feet. Pacific Ag will be directly across the street.


10. Corcoran Journal, 1012 Hale

From Pacific Ag Insurance, turn right and head west on Whitley Ave. toward Hale Ave. (approximately 85 ft.) Cross Hale Avenue and turn right onto Hale. Continue north for about 377 ft. The Corcoran Journal will be on your left.


11. Mural - Veterans Memorial, 1000 Van Dorsten

From The Corcoran Journal, head north (toward Hanna Ave) for about 233 ft until you reach Hanna Avenue. Turn right onto Hanna Avenue. The mural is located on the exterior of the building.


12. Kings County Library, 1001 Chittenden,

From the Memorial, head east on Hanna Avenue for about .2 miles. The Library will be on your left.


13. Corcoran Police Dept.,  1031 Chittenden

From the library, head south on Chittenden Avenue (toward Ross Court) for approximately 190 ft. The Police Department will be on your right.


14. Images Radio Shack, 946 Whitley

From the Corcoran Police Department, continue south on Chittenden toward Ross Street for approximately 404 ft. Turn left onto Whitley Ave for about 102 ft.


15. Pollyanna’s Flowers, 1031 Whitley

From images, head west on Whitley toward Chittenden Avenue. Continue for approximately 338 ft.


16. Corcoran City Hall, 832 Whitley

From Pollyannas, head east on Whitley Avenue toward Chittenden for about .1 mile.


17. Mural - Train Depot, 1099 Otis

From City Hall, head east on Whitley toward Otis Avenue for approximately 207 ft. The Train Depot will be on the right. The mural is located behind the building on the north side.


17. Mural - Christmas Tree Park, 1040 Whitley Ave.

From the Train Depot, head west on Whitley (toward King Avenue) for approximately .2 miles. Christmas Tree Park will be on the right. The mural is on the building exterior to the west of the park.



Return to Chamber to redeem your passport
From the Train Depot, head west on Whitley toward King Avenue for approximately .2 miles. Congratulations! You’ve completed the entire tour. We will be adding more stops often, so continue to stay updated.


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